Because everyone deserves access to mental health care.  


IdaCare LLC is a non-profit group providing on site mental health services and advocacy for some of Idaho's most under-served groups. Our mission is to provide mental health counseling and advocacy for those who need care, but may have difficulty accessing mental health services in traditional office settings.



Reaching out to those who need us most.

"Caring has the Gift of making the ordinary special." - George R. Bach

We recognize the dignity and value inherent in every person. We provide services to those who may feel as if they are on the "edges" of society - who may feel forgotten or unimportant. Our providers and clients work together to address mental health and other challenges with the idea that every human being counts, and everyone deserves access to quality care.


Assisted Living and Skilled Nursing Facilities

Counseling in residential care settings

Our providers have extensive experience and skill working with elderly individuals, who often have to find ways to cope with difficult changes in their lives. These changes may include health, financial and social issues. Adjusting to life in an assisted living or residential care setting can be particularly challenging. We provide services in these settings to help elderly or disabled people adjust to and cope with these unique challenges. 

Home and Other On-Site Settings

counseling in the home and on-site

Our mission of providing mental health care and advocacy is based on the understanding that the people who need us most often "fall through the cracks" in many ways, Our service-delivery model is client-centered. When transportation or other issues are potential barriers to care, we meet with clients in the home, which can also provide additional insight into the immediate needs and real-life experiences of our clients.